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Sneak Away from the Getaway

7 Jan

My husband had been on a spiritual retreat since Thursday.  I couldn’t call him because phones weren’t allowed. What kind of a place is that? Out there in the woods with no phone. Well, he’d left his phone out in the car. They must not have been too deep in the woods because he kept sneaking away to the car to call me. I laughed at him everytime for cheating and breaking the rules, but I was glad to hear from him for that 2 minutes once or twice a day. It’s alot less than the 20 minutes and more, 5 times a day that we’re used to, but it had to do. The torture of waiting for him to sneak out of the woods to call me has ended. He said he didn’t get anything out of the retreat. Well, he likely didn’t hear a word anyone said and obsessed over when he could sneak away. With all that obsessing I’m a little surprised he could only call twice a day, they must have made it difficult.  Lol.