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A Lonely Tear to Cry

13 Jan

Substance Sunday

Today is Substance Sunday. Time to explore the murky depths.  I’ve heard that somewhere before, but who says the depths have to be murky?

I’ve talked to my husband about things I’ve never talked to anyone else about. I let him do things to me I’ve never let anyone else do. I have yet to meet anyone else that I would have been willing to give Continue reading


(Poem) You Tell Me (Allegedly Published)

8 Feb

You tell me I never listen
So I ask “Why should I start”
You tell me I cannot draw
Why show a work of art?
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People Aggro

28 Jan

I don’t understand people’s aggravation. Why does it cause anger if a stranger doesn’t care what you think of them? Why is it more aggravating if you yell at someone and they remain calm? Are they thinking “how dare you be at peace while I explode!”? What’s the problem?
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