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My Phone, My Friend

23 Apr

Technology Tuesday

It’s sort of a technology failure. I accidently published about water before I was done. It wasn’t me, the app did it. I like to have a post ready in case I’m not in a blogging mood or become too busy. One post ahead doesn’t cover weeks of being absent. During that absence I was combatting stress that was threatening to take over. That can’t happen. Lol. I’m using an Android phone. I don’t know how accidentally pressing the back button publishes a post. It might have been better if it had been erased rather than incomplete. They need to fix that.

Anyway, it’s Tuesday again.

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The Opposite of Me Is…

7 Jan

My only sister is older than me and seems to be the exact opposite. She loves designer clothing. Her favorite store is Bed, Bath, and Beyond. She loves movies and loves planning expensive family vacations and activities. Her home decor changes with the season. She purchases a new Coach purse at least every 4 months, while the old new purses sit in her closet barely used.
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