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No Satisfying Click

22 Apr


It was an insult. An insult beyond an insult. How dare he say that. How dare he even think it. He wanted me to hand my expensive Galaxy Note 2 phone to the kids to talk to him. Continue reading


It’s All Overrated

7 Feb


I’m told I’m crazy
Told that I’m a loon
Attempt to insult me
Bitter like a prune
Some like prunes I see
But they’re overrated
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Sneak Away from the Getaway

7 Jan

My husband had been on a spiritual retreat since Thursday.  I couldn’t call him because phones weren’t allowed. What kind of a place is that? Out there in the woods with no phone. Well, he’d left his phone out in the car. They must not have been too deep in the woods because he kept sneaking away to the car to call me. I laughed at him everytime for cheating and breaking the rules, but I was glad to hear from him for that 2 minutes once or twice a day. It’s alot less than the 20 minutes and more, 5 times a day that we’re used to, but it had to do. The torture of waiting for him to sneak out of the woods to call me has ended. He said he didn’t get anything out of the retreat. Well, he likely didn’t hear a word anyone said and obsessed over when he could sneak away. With all that obsessing I’m a little surprised he could only call twice a day, they must have made it difficult.  Lol.

Phone Envy

5 Jan

Some people are just insufferable. I wish she’d stop saying my phone cost $500, it was $399 and no tax was added. That’s not even including the $100 rebate that I mailed in for.  Now it’s a problem for her that I don’t have television service. I hate television and kids don’t need it, it rots their brain and limits their imagination.  Why is she worried about what I have? My kids have adequate entertainment and if they feel they don’t then there’s a place called “outside”, I used to play there and it was fun. It seems to me that the woman is angry that I have something that she’s not willing to pay for. So don’t get the Galaxy Note 2, but stop harassing me about mine already!

Unreasonable Dislike

1 Nov

I accidentally merged my new phone, The Galaxy Note 2, with every single contact on my Facebook account and I don’t know how to undo it. Everyone on my Facebook is a friend or family member in some way, I just dont talk to most of them.
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Are You Sure You’re You?

23 Feb

I hate when strangers call me. Not really. But I hate when they call my cellphone and ask to speak to me. That is an immediate annoyance because who else would dare touch my cellphone? When I answer the phone strangers have 10 seconds to say something and 10 more to tell me what they want. Too often they ask to speak to me and I say “yes? ” They ask to speak to me again and I say again “yes? ”
“Is this she? ”
“Yes. ” That’s 10 seconds wasted on what? Making sure it’s me so they can tell me something they think is top secret which turns out to just waste my time.

The Town I named Nowhere

29 Jan

I’ve wanted to leave Illinois for more than half my life. When we moved close to the Iowa border I thought that might be enough. We left Zion, Illinois and everything changed. In November 2010 we moved from the county I’ve lived all my life and I wasn’t sorry until I arrived in the town the house we were renting was located.
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