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Can you trust Ebay Ratings?

1 Sep

(Pictures from the Ebay listing, but not what I received. What I received wasn’t bad physically, but I expect pictures to be of the product I’m buying.)

I ordered a hybrid laptop on Ebay from a seller with a 100% satisfaction rating on August 18th. I needed the laptop immediately as I was falling behind in my college classes due to my classes starting 2 weeks before my kids returned to school. The laptop arrived and it had enough charge for me to immediately get started on homework. Continue reading


A Love I Gave Myself To

14 Jan

Manic Monday

It’s Manic Monday. It could be something totally crazy or it could be about passion. Maybe today it’s both.

I was 20 when I met him and a virgin. I wanted only one lover for my entire life and I hadn’t found him, I wondered if I ever would.
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1000 Miles to Freedom

4 Nov

I live slightly more than 1000 miles from where I once did, 1000 miles from everything I once owned and am replacing, and 1000 miles from my husband. Yes, I live an interesting life if you consider such things.
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Unreasonable Dislike

1 Nov

I accidentally merged my new phone, The Galaxy Note 2, with every single contact on my Facebook account and I don’t know how to undo it. Everyone on my Facebook is a friend or family member in some way, I just dont talk to most of them.
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Tablet 2-in-1 swivel soundlogic xt android Review

8 Mar

Summary as of August 6, 2014: Simple. Avoid this tablet. See updates at the bottom of this review.

I had my eye on a convertable android laptop on Ebay. To my dismay I couldn’t find any information on it. No reviews, no customer comments, no hands on video, nothing. I took a chance on buying the tablet, if for no other reason than to write a review. I’ve never written a review before so bear with me.
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Happy Birthday to Me

24 Feb

Today is my birthday. What? Don’t ask me how old I am. Thats rude.. or so I hear. There are those society rules again. I might have forgotten it was my birthday altogether if it weren’t for people reminding me.
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Are You Sure You’re You?

23 Feb

I hate when strangers call me. Not really. But I hate when they call my cellphone and ask to speak to me. That is an immediate annoyance because who else would dare touch my cellphone? When I answer the phone strangers have 10 seconds to say something and 10 more to tell me what they want. Too often they ask to speak to me and I say “yes? ” They ask to speak to me again and I say again “yes? ”
“Is this she? ”
“Yes. ” That’s 10 seconds wasted on what? Making sure it’s me so they can tell me something they think is top secret which turns out to just waste my time.