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I Need to Get a Grip

25 Jan

Thriving Thursday.

Love is overbearing, isn’t it?  It has got to be the most annoying emotion ever! I want to talk to him every second and be with him every minute,  but that has to be a secret. I wouldn’t want to appear weak or clingy, so I force myself to get a grip. But I don’t have one, so I’m afraid I may have to steal yours.  You don’t mind, right?
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Preparing for… a Snow Apocalypse and Funny Stuff

18 Jan

Thriving Thursday

I’ve spent much of today trying to think of something positive to write about. I’ve spent much of the rest of the day writing my book. It’s kind of hard to be positive on a bad day. It’s been raining out for days. It may snow tomorrow.  Even a quarter inch of snow in NC means a crisis. Continue reading

I’m Not Crazy… Just Pathologically Strange

11 Jan

Fundamental Friday

This is Fundamental Friday and it’s back to the basics. This will be what’s going on in my life.

This month is the busiest month of my life except when I had college courses. I have alot of appointments for the kids. I see a new therapist that tells me that my thoughts are odd. Continue reading

The Cure for Smile Hating Angry People

10 Jan

Thriving Thursday

Today is Thriving Thursday and it’s all about the positives. We have to take time to be positive,  or at least I do… everyday. It’s how I’m able to insist that life is worthwhile. It isn’t fair, but it’s worth the journey, the effort, the observation, and watching lab rats… mice… I mean people run around their earthly habitat is just plain funny. Haha! They think they rule the world, watch them destroy themselves.
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