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It’s All Overrated

7 Feb


I’m told I’m crazy
Told that I’m a loon
Attempt to insult me
Bitter like a prune
Some like prunes I see
But they’re overrated
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What if? – The Condition of Control

27 Jan

Secret Saturday

I’m struggling right now. I’m messing up, ruining everything. I’m trying not to feel anything, but I want to feel everything. I don’t want to shut him out. Since he visited and left in December,  it has been all downhill for me, for both of us. I have the gift of being able to turn it all off until I can deal with it, I lived
my life without feeling until I met him.
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Reflections (poem)

20 Jan


When you look at me
Is my value different
From what you see
From what I meant
To show
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She’s Got Nerve

22 Oct

She’s got nerve
Calling me Selfish
“Out of the Kindness of her heart”
She would relish
Charging for her part
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(Poem) You Tell Me (Allegedly Published)

8 Feb

You tell me I never listen
So I ask “Why should I start”
You tell me I cannot draw
Why show a work of art?
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A Thousand Masks (Poem)

6 Feb

(Late today. Had a busy and tiring Day. Walking 2 miles with a stroller up and down grassy hills along a road with no sidewalk took awhile. Anyway, sometimes you don’t want to answer that question “What’s wrong” and sometimes you don’t want to debate meaningless things. That’s why I have a thousand masks… Another of my favorite poems)
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Please Do Not Call Me Dumb (Poem)

4 Feb

(No blog today, instead one of my favorite poems. I’ve been called dumb, retarded, stupid, etc unjustly. Any word that is a synonym of the word “dumb” is banned from use by any child in my house because they mean it and it’s as bad to me as other bad 4 letter words,  can’t we just love? If I say idiot, I say it with L-O-V-E.  :D)
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