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No Satisfying Click

22 Apr


It was an insult. An insult beyond an insult. How dare he say that. How dare he even think it. He wanted me to hand my expensive Galaxy Note 2 phone to the kids to talk to him. Continue reading


Phone Envy

5 Jan

Some people are just insufferable. I wish she’d stop saying my phone cost $500, it was $399 and no tax was added. That’s not even including the $100 rebate that I mailed in for.  Now it’s a problem for her that I don’t have television service. I hate television and kids don’t need it, it rots their brain and limits their imagination.  Why is she worried about what I have? My kids have adequate entertainment and if they feel they don’t then there’s a place called “outside”, I used to play there and it was fun. It seems to me that the woman is angry that I have something that she’s not willing to pay for. So don’t get the Galaxy Note 2, but stop harassing me about mine already!

Separation and Shame

5 Nov

I left Illinois last year on November 1st. It’s hard to believe that more than a year has passed since those fateful days. Had I not been cornered in the car on September 3rd, 2011,  I’d still be in Illinois now.
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