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202-210-0054 SCAM

9 May

Just got a call from 1 202-210-0054 on my cell phone.  I was not excited about getting $9,000 free dollars every week from the federal government,  because that just didn’t  sound right.  The caller would have been better off saying I won the lottery without buying a ticket. What? How’d that happen? Continue reading


Bullies Need A Lesson

6 May

Nowadays  people  are concerned about something everyone used to pretend didn’t ever happen.  Bullying is a big deal for people that it happens to, but no one cared until it started affecting them. Kids that are different and quiet have bullies and bullies need a lesson. Stockpiling guns and killing everyone is the wrong lesson.
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It’s All Overrated

7 Feb


I’m told I’m crazy
Told that I’m a loon
Attempt to insult me
Bitter like a prune
Some like prunes I see
But they’re overrated
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I Need to Get a Grip

25 Jan

Thriving Thursday.

Love is overbearing, isn’t it?  It has got to be the most annoying emotion ever! I want to talk to him every second and be with him every minute,  but that has to be a secret. I wouldn’t want to appear weak or clingy, so I force myself to get a grip. But I don’t have one, so I’m afraid I may have to steal yours.  You don’t mind, right?
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” I Love You” Isn’t Good Enough

17 Jan

Wailing Wednesday

“I love you.” Why are those words meaningless to me? I was a 20 year old virgin, do you know how I made it to 20 as a virgin? Continue reading

Rise and…it’s Still Dark

9 Jan

Wailing Wednesday

I don’t like the name of this day, but it’s the best I could come up with at present. I needed a day to mention annoyances, drama, and nonsense. This is it…Wailing Wednesday. Now on with it…

I have my alarm on my phone set for 5 Am and slid the notification to snooze, which I do in order to prepare to get up.
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Phone Envy

5 Jan

Some people are just insufferable. I wish she’d stop saying my phone cost $500, it was $399 and no tax was added. That’s not even including the $100 rebate that I mailed in for.  Now it’s a problem for her that I don’t have television service. I hate television and kids don’t need it, it rots their brain and limits their imagination.  Why is she worried about what I have? My kids have adequate entertainment and if they feel they don’t then there’s a place called “outside”, I used to play there and it was fun. It seems to me that the woman is angry that I have something that she’s not willing to pay for. So don’t get the Galaxy Note 2, but stop harassing me about mine already!