202-210-0054 SCAM

9 May

Just got a call from 1 202-210-0054 on my cell phone.  I was not excited about getting $9,000 free dollars every week from the federal government,  because that just didn’t  sound right.  The caller would have been better off saying I won the lottery without buying a ticket. What? How’d that happen?

The guy sounded foreign which made me more suspicious.  I was tempted to hang up but wanted to hear him out, just in case. He asked if I wanted to know how I came into this money. I said, “sure” in a clearly unimpressed tone. He was silent so I said “YES” in the same tone then mumbled “How did you get my number?” He was explaining how I got so lucky but I didn’t understand what he said. Something about being one of 7,000 “selected” to receive a grant to pay bills or anything I want. He said this money could be given on my prepaid card or bank account. I knew that would require information from me of the private, top secret variety. I doubted he has security clearance.  He said to not do anything illegal with the money or gamble with it because it’s government money. I said, “uh huh” as I wondered why he pretended to care about what I’d do with money I was never going to get. He asked which method I wanted  to receive it in.  I said “mail it to me”  He said that wasn’t an option. I was upset that he wouldn’t mail my fake free money. My scam senses went from caution to full alert. It then occurred to me that I hadn’t  heard him address me by name.  If I’m selected, then he should know my name so I said,  “what is my name? Do you know my name?”  He then hung up on me.  I wonder how much they wanted to steal from me. If someone calls me, then they should at least know my name.


2 Responses to “202-210-0054 SCAM”

  1. Allison May 15, 2013 at 3:58 pm #

    I just received same call. I just said um k very obviously not believing it and then he hung up lol I think they are hoping to call elderly or really young naive people.

    • tltshay May 15, 2013 at 5:01 pm #

      I know some naive people. My husband wanted me to check into an email he got about winning $100,000. He promised to owe me for a month if I wasted my time checking into it. I didn’t click the link, I just researched it and found it to be a scam as I’d already told him. People don’t win the lottery by email. What a pain. Lol

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