Pure Water

24 Apr


During my last pregnancy I learned something about water. Or maybe it just made me wonder, how pure is water?

I preferred to drink water, but something was wrong. Water made me sick. It felt like a weight in my belly and when I moved I felt it jiggle as if it had gotten comfortable and was unwilling to leave. I started buying bottled water, but I continued to have the same sickness everytime I drank water. Adding flavor such as Koolaid to the water reduced my illnesses but they were always there. I tried different brands of water and different types: water with flavor crystals, distilled water, drinking water, pure water. I wonder, how pure is water? I felt like I had hard minerals stuck in me and floating around in me for hours after every drink of water. I told my family and I told doctors. I believe they thought it was all in my head. Yep, my brain hates water, that must be it. How aggravating is it when something is wrong and no one believes you? I wanted to drink water, but it all made me sick until a day that I finally didn’t get sick. I thought my illnesses were over. The next time I bought bottled water I was sick again. I hadn’t realized that it was a different type of water that didn’t make me sick. It took many more illnesses to figure it out. It seems that my body only tolerated Spring water. It doesn’t matter what brand, just Spring Water. It’s amazing that not even “pure” water turned out to be pure. I’m not pregnant anymore and no longer get sick from water, but I still prefer cases of bottled Spring water. Spring water must be the only water that is pure. I don’t know why that occurred only during 1 particular pregnancy. Maybe one day someone can explain it to me.


One Response to “Pure Water”

  1. lucy September 17, 2015 at 5:10 am #

    i like spring water too….but i perferred reverse osmosis water over anything.

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