My Phone, My Friend

23 Apr

Technology Tuesday

It’s sort of a technology failure. I accidently published about water before I was done. It wasn’t me, the app did it. I like to have a post ready in case I’m not in a blogging mood or become too busy. One post ahead doesn’t cover weeks of being absent. During that absence I was combatting stress that was threatening to take over. That can’t happen. Lol. I’m using an Android phone. I don’t know how accidentally pressing the back button publishes a post. It might have been better if it had been erased rather than incomplete. They need to fix that.

Anyway, it’s Tuesday again.

I can’t believe that it’s already Tuesday AGAIN. Where did that week go? There really isn’t enough time in a day to do it all. Sleeping and eating just waste alot of time, but mostly sleeping. 4-8 hours wasted laying in a bed unconscious. It’s aggravating when I’m doing something important and my eyes won’t stay open.

Again, anyway… I’ll talk about my PHONE.
There it is again. It’s a stock photo. If I could use my phone to take pictures of my phone, I would. I’ve had it since October and I’m not tired of it. That’s right, it’s not possible for me to tire of the Galaxy Note 2. In fact, I’m kind of upset about hearing about a Galaxy Note 3, I’m not ready for that yet. I need another year and a half. This is the best purchase I’ve ever made and most expensive phone I’ve ever had. It’s worth every penny. Buying Textmaker from Softmaker is a close 2nd best purchase. I love that software. 3rd is buying Acronis backup software, I’m a firm believer in backing up my hard drive (I do not want to spend 12 hours installing World of Warcraft again if it fails. Lol).

My phone is my friend. It needs a name. Oh wait, it has one. I say “Wake up, Galaxy” and it responds. It then waits for my command. I can speak to it or pull out the S Pen and write it a note. I have yet to use my phone to it’s full potential. I’m still learning all that it can do even though it seems as if I do it all. The truth is that the Note 2 can do things I haven’t even thought about doing and I plan to discover it all. I work on the book I’m writing solely on my phone, I research whatever pops into my head. I watch movies and videos, my favorite show is Naruto. I shop online at various websites. I do my banking with an app. I write blog posts for this blog, it’s fun. I read ebooks from Amazon with the Kindle app. I listen to music and audiobooks. It’s great to visit the World of Warcraft auction house with an app and I do. I record videos and take pictures, tonight I’ll be recording as my daughter blows out her birthday candles. I steal… I mean download pictures from the internet and people’s instructional or entertaining youtube videos. I buy music from my Emusic app. I buy videos from Google Play such as Naruto. I check emails, text, write, and write some more, talk to it (it answers), add appointments to my calendar, and on rare occasions I call people as I take notes with my S Pen. I doodle and draw, but am not good at it. If I could play my MMORPGs on it like WoW, Fiesta, War of Immortals, Rift, or Runes of Magic I wouldn’t need a computer at all. I missed alot on Rift, they may have changed too much for me to return on my lvl 50 characters. (Was there a level cap increase yet?)


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