No Satisfying Click

22 Apr


It was an insult. An insult beyond an insult. How dare he say that. How dare he even think it. He wanted me to hand my expensive Galaxy Note 2 phone to the kids to talk to him. I told him that he’d have to call the house phone. Then as if I hadn’t already responded,  he said it again. I said that kids were not going to lay hands on my phone. He said “You have to get out of that.” As if I’m in some way selfish or unreasonable. I depend on this phone, I can’t afford to replace it, I can’t afford to hand it to a 6 year old child. Then he started ranting loudly. Hmm, that wasn’t appropriate. I don’t know what he said, I suppose I wasn’t listening to what he said, just the tone in which he said it. I remained on the phone for 10 seconds of that and then I hung up. Hanging up on a cellphone isn’t great at all. There is no satisfying click, just a slight vibration as my phone recognized my touch and an imperceptible beep as the call ended. Not satisfying at all. My phone is on contract and insured, but the insurance isn’t free. I’d have to pay a deductible. Would I loan$100 to a child, let alone my more expensive phone? They can’t pay it back, so of course not. Hours later he called the house phone twice in a row prior to me unplugging it. Then he called my cellphone and I ignored it as I placed my phone facedown on my desk. That occurred on Thursday and I am not over that insult, because he would still expect me to lend my phone to a child. No, I can’t talk to someone that doesn’t apprecriate the protective ban of children touching my phone. Now I’ve banned myself from talking to him because I didn’t appreciate his response. It was really disappointing. Still, I’m wondering if it’s over, his loud judging of my apparent selfishness.

Mine Alone

From what you’ve been telling me
It seems like you’ve been judging
But you’re here on earth just like me
Despite your verbal nudging
This conversation is history
And No I am not budging

You’ve no right to tell me
What to do with what is mine
Trying to control repeatedly
But I feel you’ve crossed the line
You say to me
I have “to get out of that”
Letting no one use my cellphone
This phone that cost me all I had
It’s mine and mine alone
You’re thinking “Wow
What the hell
Is wrong with you”
I’m thinking “What?
How can you tell
What of mine to…” queue
I will protect what I own
Things I can’t afford to replace
That you’d have me to loan
As if it’s cheap as lace
They would destroy things
I concentrate so long
Just to maintain
So much already gone
They can’t have my everything.


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