Miss My Epic, But Love My Note

16 Apr

Technology Tuesday

Here’s a technology tidbit.

I have the Galaxy Note 2 and it’s awesome! I don’t recommend it for everyone …

because if you’re not going to use the stylus (S Pen), don’t watch videos, and aren’t all that blind then what do you need with such a large, expensive phone? The Galaxy S III might suite you just fine. I’ve had my phone since October and the only other phone I’ve loved this long is the Samsung Epic 4G.

I’d still love the Epic if I didn’t spill soda on it rendering it useless. I think the Epic 4G is just as good as the Note 2. The Note 2 has a quad core processor, S Pen, larger screen, bigger battery, blah blah blah,  so what. I love what I love. The Epic can do everything this phone can do in my opinion, no S Pen, but the Note 2 has no slide out keyboard, so call it even. I won’t give this phone up, but I miss my Epic… it was… EPIC, not to mention being half the price as my newest phone.

All the things I’ve loved and lost=
My Technology Graveyard (in no particular order)

1)Samsung Epic 4G (soda spill)
2)IPod Touch 4G (kid dropped in water and won’t power on)
3)Archos 4.3 (screen nonresponsive)
4)HP IPAQ 211 (tech case stepped on and smashed screen)
5)HP Touchsmart laptop (kid removed all keys and other kids wiggled and broke power pin)
6)Samsung Transform (got slightly wet and became possessed)
7)LG Optimus V (kid dropped in dishwater and became possessed)
8)Dell Axim 51 (sd card slot stopped reading)
9)Self built computer (motherboard went bad, then PSU died)(built a new one)
10)Hp 17″ gaming laptop (don’t remember model) (closed too fast and firmly, screen had lines across it- sent for repair, then sold)(replaced with desktop)
11) HP tablet laptop (don’t remember model) (kids ran and tripped over cord, breaking the power connector- traded to my dad for a desktop- he paid $300 to repair)
12) Asus Transformer Prime (stolen from my bag)(insurance paid out)
13) HP netbook (kids removed keys and killed it)
14) Acer netbook (won’t power on)

That’s all I can think of that’s worth mentioning. I spent time in mourning when my Epic 4G phone died, had a few moments of silence for the Ipod touch, and stared in my bag in disbelief and grief for my Transformer Prime. :/


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