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Pure Water

24 Apr


During my last pregnancy I learned something about water. Or maybe it just made me wonder, how pure is water?

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Speaking Madness

23 Apr

I am not a speaker. I don’t want to speak. In 6th grade and Jr. High School a few oral reports had to be done. The first I did was in 6th grade about a place in Africa. I think I took too many notes, because it was long. It was likely 10 minutes instead of 3, how do you summarize a place in another country? I got a C for my thorough report. I was mysteriously ill for the next several reports assigned, you don’t have to have a fever to be sick. It must have been something I ate, that invisible, unidentified something I had between going to sleep and waking up. Those illnesses lasted half the day. No one goes to school when it’s more than half over.
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No Satisfying Click

22 Apr


It was an insult. An insult beyond an insult. How dare he say that. How dare he even think it. He wanted me to hand my expensive Galaxy Note 2 phone to the kids to talk to him. Continue reading

Miss My Epic, But Love My Note

16 Apr

Technology Tuesday

Here’s a technology tidbit.

I have the Galaxy Note 2 and it’s awesome! I don’t recommend it for everyone …

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