Android, I Choose You

19 Feb

Technology Tuesday

I’ve experienced IOS on my Ipod 32GB 4th Generation. I was very disappointed when I turned it on and it had to be initialized with a computer before use. At the time I didn’t have a computer (it was packed for our move) and I returned the Ipod to the store.

Iphones probably don’t require that and I hope Ipads don’t. Android doesn’t do that to me. I repurchased the Ipod later during a Christmas sale. I have devices so that I don’t have to be dependent on a computer. I learned that IOS apps don’t play nice with each other like Android. Android likes to “share” and I love sharing between all my apps. In Android I have a file manager where I can find my documents and choose what will open them. In IOS, whatever app you used to create a document, that’s where you have to go. I had so many apps that sometimes I couldn’t remember where my document was, so I had to open every office/note app which totalled over 20 by day 5 of owning my iPod. My Ipod broke and I spent over $200 on apps that I now can’t use. With Android I have several devices that can all use my apps even when one of them dies (and several have died). In IOS all of my over 150 apps must be on the screens. Ugh. I don’t want them all there and with Android I get to choose. I’m not knocking IOS, it’s a smooth system, I just have trouble accepting the limitations and simplicity, it suits others better and that’s fine. I recommend IOS and I recommend Android, but it depends on who’s asking and what they expect from their device. It’s flexibility vs. simplicity. Personally, Android does what I want, but I’d love to get my hands on an iPad mini.


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