Book Concentration…Secrets I must tell

23 Jan

I’m checking into my blog today. It’s Wailing Wednesday,  but I’m just going to check in to say that I’m still here, I’m alive. I think you will all forgive me when you hear what I’ve been up to. I am close. I am so so close to finishing a book that I’m writing. 

Since I’ve decided that I’d like writing to be my job, I’ve been doing more of it. Previously, I was only blogging and working on other writings when the mood hit me, but now I’m so close I could taste it. I envision that episode of Spongebob when Patrick was investigating who upset the oyster and looked as if he’d licked Spongebob, but it was really a popsicle. (I have too many kids.)

I don’t even like Spongebob, I completely agree with Squidward… poor Squidward… so talented, so misunderstood,  so tormented. The bad thing about dedicating myself to finishing this book is that it’s so personal that I don’t know if I will publish it. It has secrets I’ve never told anyone. I’m separated from my husband right now and will let him read it, but after doing so he may change his mind about wanting to get back together and stop stalking me. I haven’t cheated on him, it’s just some things on that line, but not crossing it. The only name I have included is that of my husband and of a woman who has earned my wrath. Yeah, I said her name in it… revenge! Seriously?  Yes, I’m serious, but I told the truth. Her first name, not last name. I know her last name, but I’m not that cold. Some revenge, right? As for other people’s names, I haven’t included them because they may not want to be associated with me. I’ve told only my own secrets, not theirs, but they may want to reserve the right to say they don’t know me. I don’t know what it is with people and their apparent truth allergy and their embarrassment reflex. I don’t even claim to have religion because I don’t want to embarrass God, Allah, Jehovah, or any other name people call him by. Anyway, the book is about every relationship I’ve ever had and I haven’t had many so it concentrates on that with my husband. After all I’ve been through, how can I still love him and why did I love him in the first place? I hope it answers those questions I keep asking myself and in the process preserves some of my memories. Can I stop thinking about those secrets if I tell about them? What do you think?


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