Preparing for… a Snow Apocalypse and Funny Stuff

18 Jan

Thriving Thursday

I’ve spent much of today trying to think of something positive to write about. I’ve spent much of the rest of the day writing my book. It’s kind of hard to be positive on a bad day. It’s been raining out for days. It may snow tomorrow.  Even a quarter inch of snow in NC means a crisis. It’s end of the world type of serious, everything is closed. People would be out looting if it weren’t for the fact that they don’t know how to drive on a sheet of snow even when it’s as thin as an actual sheet. I’ve already gotten an email from my kids’ school stating that all schools will open 2 hours later, they are planning for snow that will melt in an hour. Lol. It’s possible that it could snow and be gone in 2 hours

I have fallen asleep while reading an ebook on my phone and dropped it on my face. Lol. I have walked into a room and forgotten why I was there, I always tell people about it because maybe they’ll remind me what I wanted to do in that room. When people laugh at me I laugh with them. Even if it’s not funny right then I still enjoy seeing happy people, but my laugh is normally genuine. I laugh at my ridiculous fear when my husband threatens to spank me for accidentally swearing, he doesn’t even do that. He dares me to swear again, and I want to test him
but I don’t dare. Maybe if I keep saying that about his empty threats i’ll build up some nerve to prove him a liar. Lol.


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