Crisis (Fundamental) Friday… It’s Just Snow!

18 Jan

Crisis Friday (Fundamental Friday)

Well, I didn’t believe it would happen. I really didn’t believe it. They did it, the clouds squeezed out some snowflakes, that must have been painful, poor clouds. Now, every city in NC that received snow is in crisis mode. The schools are waiting for that half inch of snow to melt and are opening on a 2 hour delay. The school website says this: “All Roanoke Rapids Graded Schools will open on a 2 hour delay for students and staff on Friday, January 18th due to the possiblility of hazardous road conditions and slippery sidewalks.” Slippery sidewalks? I used to run down icy sidewalks so I could slide on them. Fun! 😛
The streets are empty, although there’s no snow on them. I suppose that people don’t own a snow brush or gloves or a towel to get that snow dust off their cars, but why waste 10 minutes when they can just wait for it to melt? I told you yesterday that no one would be looting, lazy cowards! My children and I are from Illinois,  we have dealt with several feet of snow and nothing was delayed or shut down. We laugh at these hometown North Carolina residents and their crisis. Oh come on, really? It’s just snow! Not even enough for a snowman. I’m not leaving the house today, not because the snow is in my way, but because this is a monumental crisis in the state of North Carolina and we are waiting for survival instructions. Where is the president and why isn’t he sending crisis funds for… uhhh… psychological counseling. People here should be required to spend at least one winter out north to learn survival. After dealing with a foot of snow and still being required to be at work they’ll come to appreciate this half inch of snow. Haha! It’s just snow, people!


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