Android Trick- Method 2

15 Jan

Technology Tuesday

This is an Android trick to get Google Marketplace apps on a device that doesn’t have access. I’ve explained Method 1 in 8 Steps, this is Method 2.

An alternative is to install Amazon or some other marketplace, except for those that have paid for apps and want to use them. This works for most apps, but some apps will refuse to install.

-Internet access on devices
-Online storage account (I use Dropbox)
-Android device
-Google Market account
-Myappsharer app
-Android device with Google Marketplace access

1> On your Android Market capable device, install all the apps you wish to transfer
2> Install a online storage app (Dropbox, Asus Webstorage, or Box. I use Dropbox because at the time Box uploaded only one at a time, it now uploads multiple files. I haven’t tried Webstorage). Be sure to create a storage account and login.
3> Install Myappsharer app (this app only works if you have a memory card in your phone and it won’t even tell you why it’s not functioning. Be aware. Lol)
4> You don’t have to do this, but I created folders in my dropbox to sort my apps, the app names aren’t always obvious. This doesn’t have to be done now or at all, it can be done while uploading apps.
5> Open Myappsharer and select the “apk” bullet
6> select all apps you wish to upload or selectively if you choose to sort them into folders. For example: I selected all the office apps to upload, created a folder: Apps/Office Apps, and uploaded them there. I did the same for each folder I planned to have and named the folders appropriately.
7>Click the “Share” button and select your online storage choice. Select which folder to upload to or create a new folder (Box does not give a choice of location).
8> install the storage app onto your nonmarket device. There are 2 methods of doing it with no market. Search the internet for the (storage app name).apk. I search for dropbox.apk. Or borrow the memory card from your market capable device and install it from there.  You must allow the installation of nonmarket apps, you will be prompted to do this.
9>Log into your storage account on your nonmarket device and install the apps of your choice.

Update 1/24/2013:
The Vudu app “is not compatible” with my brand new Galaxy Note 2 phone. (I have the grey one. It looks black to ME, why do they say it’s grey?)

Just yesterday I used this method to install that app on my phone and I use it. The market can’t tell ME what I can and can’t have! 😀


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