The Cure for Smile Hating Angry People

10 Jan

Thriving Thursday

Today is Thriving Thursday and it’s all about the positives. We have to take time to be positive,  or at least I do… everyday. It’s how I’m able to insist that life is worthwhile. It isn’t fair, but it’s worth the journey, the effort, the observation, and watching lab rats… mice… I mean people run around their earthly habitat is just plain funny. Haha! They think they rule the world, watch them destroy themselves.
I look upon people with great interest as if I’m the scientist that put them here for my study and amusement. I love Science, it was my favorite subject, but I don’t believe everything they say. Their “scientific evidence” is limited by tiny minds, microscopic considering the size of the universe. Mankind still thinks they rule it all, what puny creatures we are and how narrow our vision.

The only reason that I’m happy is that I’ve decided that I will be happy. I’m tired of considering how difficult things are, nothing will ever change, life isn’t fair. All that is possibly true, but I don’t have to change people and certain situations,  I can just walk away. As for situations I can’t walk away from, I can be happy in spite of them. Actually, I find life quite amusing. Most of those unfair things that used to depress me are now hilarious. One person who is negatively affected by everyone and everything has actually told me that she enjoys my outlook on life, that I brighten her day. I avoid her because she is so negative all the time, but I enjoy sharing a little laughter and happiness. Some people allow anger to consume them, I don’t understand this. This phenomenon needs further study. Maybe they’re angry because they think about how difficult things are, things never change, and life isn’t fair. What’s worse they give other people power over them and their emotions. I have alot of power if I can just go around making people angry, and here I thought I was powerless. I don’t like people telling me I made them angry. I most certainly did not. They’re angry because they decided something was unfair and decided to be angry about it. I can’t react to their rage even when it’s directed at me, I’m too busy studying it and trying to understand why it occurred. Imagine if I found a cure for this ailment. The person that complimented me on my happiness has the anger ailment far too often. I can’t help the incredulous look on my face when a person exhibits rage. It never ceases to amaze me. I try to ignore the facial contortions,  volume of their yelling, and tone of voice, let’s not forget the tendency for some people to move their arms in an exaggerated manner, then there’s the cursing.  It’s just better if I don’t respond, because my first reaction is shock, my repressed response is laughter. Anger isn’t what makes me laugh, it’s the fact that uncontrolled anger looks like a temper tantrum and I thought that behavior was only fitting for children. People get angrier at me for not responding,  but I promise that they would like my laughter even less. I can’t respond any other way. I don’t erupt and other people erupting doesn’t inspire me. I honestly try not to look surprised and try not to look at them as if they’ve lost their senses, but it’s automatic and by the time I try they’ve already seen it. I don’t understand what can be said better or resolved by wasting all that energy. I get exhausted just observing them. Seeing happy people makes angry people more angry. Never smile at someone that’s yelling at you. Happiness doesn’t cure other people’s anger, it makes it worse. I decided to be happy just like they decided to be angry, what other people do or say has no affect on me. This leaves me wondering what reaction angry people expect from me. Do they want me to yell back? Yelling doesn’t seem like a productive activity to me, I don’t understand why anyone does it. Arm flailing probably burns alot of calories, though. I wonder if they want me to be sad, hang my head in shame, fall to my knees and beg for forgiveness, or what? I’ve learned not to ask them why they are yelling. I really thought that maybe they didn’t realize they were yelling and my question would cause them to regain whatever they lost. (Their mind, self control, … whatever.) When an angry person is insistent on asking ridicu… I mean… questions, I might answer if they aren’t overly disrespectful.  Yelling is automatically disrespectful,  but doesn’t disqualify an answer.  I answer calmly and take my time about it. Angry people are always in such a hurry. I don’t really think they want an answer,  they’ve already answered all their own questions in their mind and are waiting to be told they’re right so they can start yelling again. This is why I’d rather not bother with their questions. I really don’t think they listen to the answer, yet they expect me to listen to their yelling. How unfair of them, but I already know life isn’t fair. There are bound to be unfair people in it, they’re probably the ones ruining life for the rest of us. I got it! I know why people get angry. It’s for the same reason I used to be unhappy. They decided something isn’t fair and that this unfairness thrust anger upon them against their will, but the cure is to accept that life isn’t fair and accept responsibility for their own emotions. I can’t make them angry, sad, happy, inferior, or any other emotion.Their feelings and the thoughts that cause them are theirs and I’d appreciate not being blamed for them. If I’m smiling, (I may internalize it for their benefit, but) a yelling person can’t take my smile from me, It’s mine! I claim it, they can go get their own. Seriously, they need to go get one.


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