Rise and…it’s Still Dark

9 Jan

Wailing Wednesday

I don’t like the name of this day, but it’s the best I could come up with at present. I needed a day to mention annoyances, drama, and nonsense. This is it…Wailing Wednesday. Now on with it…

I have my alarm on my phone set for 5 Am and slid the notification to snooze, which I do in order to prepare to get up.

I live just 2 blocks from train tracks. This morning I woke from my “snooze” at 5:12 AM to the sound of a train blowing it’s whistle like crazy. It blew every 3 seconds and 2 minutes later I was up. It was still pitch black outside like the sun wasn’t even thinking about rising, I should be used to this, but I’m not. Come on, Sun, get up! Why do I have to get up before the sun? I’ve lived in my residence for 13 months and this train issue has never happened before. I wondered what was going on. Was someone on the train tracks? After 5 minutes of whistle blowing I wished that the train would just run them over already! (It’s horrible to think this, but punish me later… if you must. Lol) It must know what day it is (Wailing Wednesday). I swear it sounded like someone was right in my yard blowing a tuba instrument as loudly as they could every 3 seconds. Who has that much air in their lungs? If you’ve ever seen someone play a tuba,  they must tightly seal their lips around the mouthpiece and they look as though they are blowing with all their might, which causes me to worry that their lungs might implode. Why did I mention that, because it’s not a tuba player, it’s a train! 18 minutes later that train was still blowing it’s whistle. After the first 5 minutes,  it reduced it’s racket to every 1 minute for five minutes and then every 2 minutes. 18 minutes of racket and it’s gone. FINALLY!  But now it’s 5:30 AM and time for me to get up, 18 minutes of careful preparation down the drain. Now my whole schedule is off! Ugh! Thanks, train!


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