It’s Complicated… Or Maybe It’s Just Me

8 Jan

Technology Tuesday

Ok, I’m going to do things differently.  I’m trying to cover everything that is me, kind of like a journal, but my sister calls me a robot due to my technical side.

I really don’t think I’ve covered everything or maybe have covered certain things too much. So now I’m going to do days. Today is Technology Tuesday.  Yesterday was Manic Monday,  tomorrow is Wailing Wednesday.  Get the idea? It’s not an absolute,  just a guideline.

Why do I even have a blog? I don’t know. I used to have journals, lots and lots of them. With me liking to write and liking technology,  having a blog seems kind of natural. I have lost journals and secret diaries, but it’s kind of hard to lose the internet.  I try to write often. I really like the idea of bring falsely accused of something and being able to pull up my journal/blog to say, “See? I couldn’t have done it because I was at (location) all day being annoyed by (person) and resisting the urge to punch (person) in the face.” I probably wouldn’t mention the last part. To tell the truth, I rarely have urges to punch people in the face. It’s just my attempt at seeming half normal because normal people seem to always want to punch some unsuspecting annoying person in the face. Whenever I hear people rant about some person that has aggravated them I always imagine that they wanted to punch them in the face, sometimes they say this and perhaps that’s how I got the idea.

I am pretty complicated… or at least that’s what people keep calling me. So if I’m complicated, no wonder I have trouble keeping a balance between all my many conflicting sides. I like nature and natural wood, but I like technology and sleek chrome. I like writing and reading, but like taking a computer and making it work better (I’m a certified PC Technician,  I wish I could be a certified writer). I enjoy rollerskating to the tune of my favorite songs FAST, but I like sitting in silence and reflecting or taking a leisurely walk as if I have all the time in the world. I love the smell of alcohol, but don’t drink it because it tastes… bad. I like sharing, but always have at least one companion device that no one should touch without my direct supervision. (I don’t go anywhere without it, need it before I leave the room, and sleep with it under my pillow. Lol)

The subjects for the days of the week should work out well. Just as guidelines, though. I don’t like to commit to things, even though I’m committed.  It’s just one of those things about me. Lol. How do you select subjects for YOUR writing?


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