The Opposite of Me Is…

7 Jan

My only sister is older than me and seems to be the exact opposite. She loves designer clothing. Her favorite store is Bed, Bath, and Beyond. She loves movies and loves planning expensive family vacations and activities. Her home decor changes with the season. She purchases a new Coach purse at least every 4 months, while the old new purses sit in her closet barely used.

We are very different.  It’s like we didn’t grow up in the same household at all. I love technology. My favorite stores are: Circuit City and I love quiet atmospheres and trips to the library or bookstore.  My home isn’t decorated except for the tree at Christmas and I always look forward to taking that down. I purchase a new device about twice a year, I have many devices that no longer function due to the carelessness of children. These nonfunctioning devices are in a storage bin, I should label it “Technology Graveyard”.

Despite our differences, my sister and I are quite close. She calls me when she has a problem with her computer, threatening to throw it away when all it needs is a little maintenance.  Everything is disposable to her. I often watched her kids while she went to nightclubs. Clubs aren’t my thing, and I was reluctant to watch them because my quiet time starts at 8pm and my preferred bedtime an hour or 2 after. We took college courses together. We both agreed our Psychology teacher had an overinflated ego because she wrote the textbook. I wish I never enrolled in that class. My sister studied Business and I studied Information Technology.

It’s odd that we are so close because when she turned into a teenager, we couldn’t stand each other. She was pregnant at 15, I’ve no idea when she started having sex. She was intolerant and mean. I was afraid to ever invite any friends over. When she moved out with the man she married who I never approved of (I never saw him smile, he gave me the creeps), I was happy. I, on the other hand, didn’t concern myself with boys. I was 19 when I had my first date and 20 before I was ready to consider a guy as more than a friend that’s a boy… or man. I was terrified of sex and of being naked, both very frightening.  Lol. We think very differently,  my sister and I. Yet, we are both very smart. I think she’s smarter than me, but that could be due to her photographic memory.


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