Costume Phobia

4 Jan

I’m going to make a confession that only 3 people on Earth know about. I am terrified of people in costume. Is there a name for this? Isn’t there a name for every type of fear? I don’t know the name of my condition, I just know I don’t like a fake giant ANYTHING coming anywhere near me. How do you even know that there’s a person in there and not an

alien bent on world domination while dressed as Mickey Mouse? Awww…How cute. I’d like to think that I have at least SOME ability to read people through their gestures and facial expressions.  I can’t read the face of a costume… well, I can… they are kind and happy… like a friend… and cute. I can’t say the same about the people… or aliens in them, I can’t even see them. That person or creature in that costume could be rolling his or her eyes or giving me the foulest look imaginable and I wouldn’t even know to watch my back. The costume is friendly and the people in them are paid to be nice. I don’t think I Iike actors. I’m very uncomfortable with not knowing what a person’s true feelings are… or alien’s. Is that any reason for my absolute terror? Maybe terror is too strong a word. I don’t scream and run or anything. I feel my internal fear and walk sensibly out of the character’s path while internally freaking out. I do freak out, but no one sees this, they’d think I were crazy if they did. When I worked at Six Flags Great America I found myself dodging Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck more often than I liked (about 8 times that season). During the Fright Fest I felt like I made a harrowing escape from a midget dressed as Chucky while he carried an axe with fake blood on it. If I was a guest he might have chased me, I would have hated that. At Christmas time I couldn’t take my kids to see Santa, it’s great that my father doesn’t share in my fear of costumes. On the positive side, I have no fear of clowns. 😛


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