Android Trick in 8 Steps

2 Jan

I have bought at least a couple Android devices from Japan… or was it Hong Kong? Did you know that devices from overseas don’t have the Google Marketplace? I’m going to share with you a trick to get your Google Market apps on any android device.

To do this you need an Android device that has access to the Marketplace or borrow one from a friend for an hour. You need a microsd card or whatever memory card that can be used in both devices you’re transferring apps between. I have 2 methods of doing this. One requires a memory card and the other requires both devices have internet access and an online storage account (I use Dropbox or Box, I also have Asus Webstorage). I will be going over the memory card method.

First, use the device that has access to the Marketplace. Log into your Market account and install all the apps you want to get onto the other device.

Second, download a backup service. I use “App Backup & Restore”

Third, Do a backup of all those apps you want on the other device. The apps will be backed up to the memory card.

Fourth, remove the memory card and put it into the other Android device.

Fifth, go into settings and allow the installation of nonmarket apps. If you dont know how to do this, skip this step Android will prompt and send you to it later.

Sixth, find the App location on the memory card using a file manager.

Seventh, execute all the apps and they will install.

Eighth, if you borrowed a device from a friend, then be considerate and don’t forget to uninstall all the apps you added from it and remove your Google account. 😀

This is method 1. Phew. Step by steps are tiring. I’ll have to discuss method 2 some other time.


One Response to “Android Trick in 8 Steps”

  1. dontworrybenappy January 2, 2013 at 3:51 pm #

    I never knew that! Thank you!

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