2013 and Still Here

1 Jan

Happy New Year!  It’s 2013, the world didn’t end last month. We’re still stuck in this existence,  but I guess it’s not so bad, better than being dead or overrun with zombies. Lol.

I sat at home on New Year’s Eve just like I do every year, except alone.

I called my husband a few minutes before midnight so that we could spend New Year’s together.  We promised that we would never again be apart on New Year’s. There are lots of yearly days I don’t ever want to be apart for, 365 of them.

I really don’t like the holidays: Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween,  Thanksgiving, Christmas,  New Year’s, I’m sure there are some I missed. I don’t like society telling me when to be in love and show it. I remember being alone while everyone rushes to get a boy/girlfriend for the day. I don’t like being told to wear green OR ELSE. Pinch me and you DIE! I don’t like being told when to appreciate someone. It makes me feel like there’s a day for it and I have to wait or what if I don’t appreciate them and then there’s pressure. I don’t like society telling me to buy candy, have an identity crisis every year, and take children to beg for candy so that they can try to get sick and rot their teeth. They should give out toothbrushes. I don’t like being told when to be Thankful and have Turkey for dinner. What’s wrong with being thankful everyday and having turkey when I damn well feel like it? (Don’t tell my husband I cursed, I want to live and be fully able to sit down. He wouldn’t dare, though. I’m almost sure of it. Lol.) But they don’t sell turkeys all year round, only when the thankful holiday comes and Christmas. I don’t like Christmas.  Who’s idea was it to buy gifts for all your family and friends, gifts they likely don’t even want? I know I’ve gotten gifts that I don’t want from people that supposedly know me and I wonder if we’ve ever really met, have we? Now they know I don’t want that crap, if they don’t then I truly worry about them, like they don’t know my hobbies or that I don’t wear perfume (it makes me sneeze). I have told people that I can’t stand greeting cards. They should put the money they’d spend on my greeting card in a ziploc bag along with a nice note that might actually be more believable than those “heartfelt” words written by someone else. But who listens to me? I still get greeting cards and I just can’t resist turning it over to see how much money they could have handed to me. I could be a greeting card writer, where does someone get a job like that? Lastly, I don’t like being expected to stay up til midnight and drink. I don’t even like alcohol. Why can’t there be a bookstore appreciation day where everyone hangs out at the bookstores to talk about books? Lol.

All my annoyances aside, did I mention that I love my husband?  No? Well, I just did! Ha! I’m positive now. Whew! I was almost stuck being one of those pessimists. :-O

Oh yeah, New Years. Time for resolutions. I resolve that I’m going to try, but not succeed at blogging everyday, but if I don’t post once a week… yeah, well… we’ll see. I resolve that I will write a book this year, don’t tell me I won’t.  I wrote one last year, so I will this year. You know, “Shadows Book of Poems” and “Shadows Ebook of Poems”? Never heard of them? Well, I wrote and published those in September 2012 and the ebook is in many ebookstores and the printed book at lulu.com.  My name is Tawanda Freeman-Thompson. Shhh! Don’t tell anyone. .. wait… tell EVERYONE. I resolve that I will reunite with my husband this year and we’ll be together forever this time, I almost swear. Lol. I can list a bunch of other resolutions that are really just dreams, but I’m not in the mood to disappoint myself. 😛

So, who has gone through all the trouble of writing New Year’s resolutions they’re going to forget about in a month? 😀


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