Unreasonable Dislike

1 Nov

I accidentally merged my new phone, The Galaxy Note 2, with every single contact on my Facebook account and I don’t know how to undo it. Everyone on my Facebook is a friend or family member in some way, I just dont talk to most of them.

I talk to 3 of them on a regular basis, 3 more occasionally. I now have 106 contacts on my phone. 4 are business contacts such as Walmart and a Taxi bus. About 10 of them are family whom I’ve never even met which I deleted from my phone. Then I got down to my cousin, I kept her oldest brother on my phone, but her… I never liked her. She has another older brother, he didn’t get on my nerves, he was just chubby and always hungry. The last time I saw her is when we were kids. She got on my nerves horribly. Her oldest brother was my favorite person in the world and best playmate, but her… I always saw her as a spoiled brat. Maybe she wasn’t even a spoiled brat, she was cute. Sometimes cute is TOO cute. Cute kids get what they want and if they cry… anyone near them is just in trouble. I couldn’t stand cute. She could get away with anything, yet she was an angel that cried and looking innocent next to a crying angel doesn’t work, not even if you really didn’t do anything.  We are all adults now, it’s occurred to me that she may no longer be annoying,  I just can’t shake the feeling of dislike. I don’t remember all the ways she annoyed me, that feeling of dislike about her is all I have. 😛


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