She’s Got Nerve

22 Oct

She’s got nerve
Calling me Selfish
“Out of the Kindness of her heart”
She would relish
Charging for her part

Because she’s caring
Helping of her own free will
For a fee and daring
To charge me a bill
Ok so there’s a cost
A price on her “friend” tag
I’m not so lost
We can put it in the bag
Though I wondered when
Not if
She’d go too far
It happened then
Last week
She withdrew her car
Because her help fee
Didn’t come soon enough
Couldn’t wait patiently
And demanded too tough
She was rude
She accused
For a day she stewed
Not amused
As if I knew
Trying to cheat
Like she could sue
Could feel her heat
Through texts she blew
Up my phone
All of a sudden
And Me
I couldn’t believe
The word pieces I saw
Putting them together
Looked like garbage
Yet felt like raw
Followed by a threat
An ultimatum
For imagined debt
Some made up sum
Stalking my resources
Feeding her own doubt
As anger courses
My “friend” bugs out
Insulting me
I’m thinking she’s
Got nerve


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