(Poem) Excellent Trash

9 Feb

Oh my gosh! How could this hap
I sure can’t believe this writ
I’ve grabbed a pen and written crap
And had the nerve to type it

I’ve told them all what it is
The ultimate form of trash
And they all still want to read this
I’ve told them not to be so rash

I must destroy the piece
The offending quietly
Before anyone sees
And knows that it was me

How embarrassing
I wrote it down
An illiterate clown

My aunt says it’s excellence
I think Oh my gosh, Say what?
The thing  I wrote that makes no sense
Has applause in fact BUT
It’s the worst thing I’ve ever written
Like a poison insect has bitten
into it
Does wasted ink on paper
Have value accidently
Will the wasted trees and vapor
Forgive the indecency
Of the trash
That wasted it’s bark
Despite the brash
A twisted work of art?

I’m thinking
It can’t be
This inking
My capacity



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