Land Adventure

3 Feb

If I were meant to fly I’d have been born with wings. People would say that accidents occur on trains and buses too. They are not immune to accidents but let me tell you what the differences are:

Number 1. (Very important) Trains and buses don’t fall from the sky and burst into flames.  2. if there’s a problem on a bus then it is replaced, if there’s a problem on a train then get off at the next stop, if there’s a problem on a plane, then… what? 3. If a train crashes, you might be alive to get out the emergency window, if a bus crashes you might be alive so get out the emergency window, if a plane crashes.. you are dead, on fire, or drowning; but they all end the same.

I have a problem with airlines expecting me to entrust my life to a stranger I’ve never met. I need to see credentials, drug tests, psychiatric exams, and blood alcohol levels. I need to see the pilot, the plane, and the maintenance record upon which my life depends. The attacks on 9/11 did nothing to influence ME. It was an “I told you so” moment. I am so sorry for those that were on those particular planes and in those particular buildings, but was touched by the courage of many. Yet, my only danger would have been if a plane missed the building by 1000 miles and crashed on me. I had already refused to take a plane when I was 12 years old. I was willing to be left behind, I was claustrophobic and afraid of heights. I wasn’t really afraid of heights,  high places are nothing to be afraid of,  the fall didn’t even need to be a concern,  it’s the sudden stop at the end I have issues with. I climbed trees but not very high, it was disappointing to stop halfway up, the ground would begin to look threatening and the branches got thinner and weaker. I never fell out of a tree and never had any broken bones. What kind of feat would it have been to make it to the top of a tree anyway?

A fast trip on a plane seems tempting sometimes, but I’d miss a 3 day adventure across the United States. I’ve had that adventure, it was interesting but the 6 hour layovers were nearly unbearable. We had 3 bookbags packed full of snacks. At the end of 3 days I was very sick of peanut butter crackers,  cheese crackers, granola bars, fruit snacks, cookies, and chips. If I visit Illinois it could very well be another 3 day trip, I’d appreciate keeping layovers to no longer than an hour or two and this time there will be no luggage. Clothes can be purchased along with everything else. On the previous trip we had to drag all 10 of our bags and a carseat to other buses and we switched buses about 10 times. It’s been 3 months since that trip and I still haven’t recovered. If it wasn’t for the bags it could have been a fun adventure.


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