Define Love

2 Feb

Who is done with relationships? Not all, just the romantic ones, raise your hand. Some people raised their hand despite the fact that I can’t see them, do you know why? We have been so injured, so taken for a ride that we are truly done and there is but a mere thread of hope of that changing.

It’s not just that we were in a bad relationship, love for us is dead or maybe there is no such thing. We’ve been tricked into wasting our lives and are glad that we finally know the truth.
There is a lie somewhere and if it isn’t people then it must be love. That’s right Love is a bold faced lie. Why couldn’t I see it before? Love is hateful, vengeful, paranoid, and critical. Love doesn’t smile or laugh and the facial expression is stuck as a permanent scowl. Love goes on rampages. Love scares the hell out of you. Love doesn’t believe a word you say because Love knows you better than you know yourself and if you say different then you are lying to yourself… What? Love is manipulative. Love threatens to deprive you of everything when Love doesnt get what Love wants immediately. Love threatens suicide for revenge on you for your lack of appreciation because everything Love does is for you. Love doesnt give you any money because you have an income that Love expects you to use on bills and claims indifference at what you do with what is left. Love calculates your income and your expenses and tells you what you should have left. Love is angry about your nonexistent secret lover that is receiving what’s left of your money.Love treats his family like personal servants and demands light speed service or else. Love doesn’t appreciate food prepared and served, a plate of food flying across the room wouldn’t surprise you. Instead Love refuses to eat the food and accuses you of not feeding Love and spreads the news. That’s what Love is to me. I’d be interested in reading how Love has presented itself to you and your definition, you know, in case I’ve got it wrong.


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