People Aggro

28 Jan

I don’t understand people’s aggravation. Why does it cause anger if a stranger doesn’t care what you think of them? Why is it more aggravating if you yell at someone and they remain calm? Are they thinking “how dare you be at peace while I explode!”? What’s the problem?

My former landlord was yelling at me and then said i was disrespectful and she didn’t like my attitude, that’s when I had to calmly tell her about herself. I pointed out that she was the one with the attitude and I had kept calm despite her loud, disrespectful ignorance and refusal to listen. Calm is offensive, why? Not responding with equal measure to people must make them feel stupid or looked down upon. It’s not my fault if people lose control and then feel stupid, but it’s kind of funny when they try to make me get enraged so that they feel less stupid. Then they become more angry at me. Why? I sometimes notice I look at people who are shouting at me in a calm, confused manner. It’s one thing to shout at your children while they’re children, it’s quite another thing to shout at another adult. Shouting at me compells me to place my attention elsewhere. I don’t play the shouting game, it looks retarded. When the person I’m talking to starts shouting the conversation is over. If the conversation is over the phone I hang up, if it’s in person then I leave the room. Being in the same location as a shouting person is sort of a hard situation because there are those times when I’m followed and occasionally cornered. Cornering me is a dangerous thing, that’s how people get hit for invading my space or destroying my property. I let things go, arguments don’t excite or interest me, it takes a ridiculous amount of disrespect towards me to make me angry.

If you want to see me get angry 80% faster then disrespect my mother. My mother was a peaceful, pleasant person. Pleasant people attract sponges who sap them dry. My mother was friends with a drug addict. At first I thought her friend was nice, but my mom’s money, cigarettes, and beer kept going missing. I’d seen her gorge herself on my mom’s beer and everytime she visited she wanted something: cigarettes, beer, use the phone, money. There was one day late at night I heard banging on my mom’s door. We lived in the same apartment building. I heard that woman demand that my mother let her in to use the phone. I ignored it and tried to stay asleep. It occurred again and again. She started calling my mother names. I thought if it occurred once more I’d hurt her. It did occur and I felt forced to get up leaving my husband in bed. How inconvenient it is to get up in the middle of the night when trying to sleep. I had to put clothes on to go teach a grown woman some manners, she was perhaps 10 years older than me, but she’d lost her mind is what I thought. When I arrived at my mom’s apartment door I’d just missed her. Perhaps someone else might have returned home,  but I knew where she lived. I went to her apartment and banged on her door much more respectfully then the banging that had forced me from my bed. Some man answered the door and I asked to see the woman,  he announced that someone was at the door. I said, “What the hell is wrong with you?! How dare you bang on my mother’s door calling her names! Let it happen again! If you EVER… ” Now what would possess her to threaten me with a broom?  How was she going to hit me with a broom when she wouldn’t open the door? I was wishing she’d open the door. I said, “hit me with that broom,  I dare you!” There was no fight that day,  but perhaps that was because she wouldn’t come out of the house and hit me with that broom. She would have had to touch me to get a good dose of sense knocked into her,  because I don’t start fights. I didn’t see her for 2 weeks, not a sound at night either. The next time I saw her I was at my mom’s when she came over. I knew she was avoiding me because I’d never not seen her for so long. It is not an exaggeration when I say she was backpeddling from that nonsense 2 weeks ago that I’d decided to overlook. If I hadn’t heard it with my own ears I’d have thought it impossible for anyone to be so blatantly spineless. She said, “Oh, I’m so sorry. I was drunk. It won’t happen again. I was so scared. I’d never seen you like that. ” That pleading only confirmed that she was hiding from me. I said, “it’s fine, as long as it doesn’t happen again”. All she had to do was show some respect to someone that’s been nothing but nice to her, my mother. If everyone could just speak reasonably, we’d have more peace and less stress.


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