Archive | January, 2012

The Horror called Love

30 Jan

The reason for my horror must be that I’m again thinking that I can have Love. I’m forgetting that Love is a nightmare that I never want to have again.
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The Town I named Nowhere

29 Jan

I’ve wanted to leave Illinois for more than half my life. When we moved close to the Iowa border I thought that might be enough. We left Zion, Illinois and everything changed. In November 2010 we moved from the county I’ve lived all my life and I wasn’t sorry until I arrived in the town the house we were renting was located.
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People Aggro

28 Jan

I don’t understand people’s aggravation. Why does it cause anger if a stranger doesn’t care what you think of them? Why is it more aggravating if you yell at someone and they remain calm? Are they thinking “how dare you be at peace while I explode!”? What’s the problem?
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27 Jan

It feels tragic that paying every bill in full will leave us penniless no matter how I look at it.
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